Black Onyx: The perfect crystal for those who are grieving

Black Onyx: The perfect crystal for those who are grieving
Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a semi-precious gemstone that is relatively rare to come by. It is a variety of agate with alternating bands of black and white colors.

Throughout history, the name onyx is a common mineral name that has been applied to various rocks including chalcedony, alabaster, and onyx marble. However, the agate variant is the most accurate form of onyx. Black onyx is a beautiful jewelry rock but more than just its attractiveness, the rock is also believed to have metaphysical and healing properties that date back to ancient legends and myths.

If you're grieving and are looking to add black onyx to your crystal collection, here are some facts that you should know.

Black Onyx origin

Black Onyx is formed as a result of the deposition of silica from silica-rich water percolating through fissures or cracks in other rocks. It is formed naturally in calcite caves where water drips and evaporates from calcite structures (stalagmites and stalactites).

Onyx is quite similar to agate in appearance. Both rocks are varieties of chalcedony and the most notable difference between them is in the type of bands they form. In onyx, the bands are parallel as against the chaotic curved bands of agate.

Is Black Onyx rare?

Yes, Naturally formed black onyx is quite common. Most of the commercial stones you see advertised as black onyx are actually agate that has been stained black using a method called sugar-sulfuric acid treatment. The rock is soaked in sugar, then heated in sulfuric acid to produce a solid black or banded stone.

Black Onyx History

The black onyx gemstone has a special place in ancient history. The rock is named after the Greek word for claw or finger, a testament to its fabled origins in Greek mythology. It is believed that the rock was formed from the fingernail of the goddess Venus (the mother of cupid) which fell to earth on Mount Olympus after cupid cut it with his famous arrow. The fingernails turned to black onyx when they fell into the Indus river.

Several other cultures asides from the greek also believed in the magical potentials of Black onyx. The gemstone was believed to have protective powers and could ward off evil from its wearer. Legends say that the famous queen Cleopatra carried the stones with her. Black Onyx also had a special place in Asian cultures (Chinese and Indian cultures) as a protective stone that could ward off evil and help you achieve harmony, peace, and stability.

Where Does Black Onyx Come From?

The Onyx rock is mined in several places all over the world. These include India, Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, and Russia. Some regions in Baja California and Northwest Mexico were once known to be excellent sources of black onyx. However, the market has recently been flooded by cheap imitations from these places.

There are several onyx variants out there and several close cousins of the Black Onyx stone. This can make identifying the rock a bit tricky. Onyx gems may also be layered into each other which further makes identification difficult.

Black Onyx

What Is Black Onyx Good For?

In most references to black onyx in history, the emphasis has always been on the protective properties of the stone. Carrying a stash of black onyx with you could serve as a protective talisman to protect one from harm.

Black onyx gems can also be used in Jewelry. This allows the rock to come in direct contact with the skin and transmit its healing powers to your body directly. Wearing black onyx jewelry can shield you from negative energy and guide you through the right part.

Black Onyx gems are also used for Feng Shui-an ancient Chinese art that aims to bring harmony between you and your surroundings. The beautiful soft rock has soft water energy that reflects stillness, cleansing, and purity. Placing black onyx gems in your space can help bring these positive vibes around you and create a state of complete mental rest.

Onyx is also believed to have healing properties and may help restore physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In addition to protecting your body against illnesses, block onyx also prevents relapse, so that your body can focus fully on healing and recovering completely.

Using the Black Onyx to deal with Grief and Negative moods

Grief can make us feel bad about ourselves. After someone dies or we divorce, our world may seem empty and without support system to rely on. The Black Onyx helps restore faith in oneself by stimulating both the root chakra (which brings stability) as well improve pychic abilities during times of trouble. We all experience sad events from time-to-time but if you're going through a rough patch then this Onyx stone will definitely stimulate your mental wellbeing with its ability boost energy levels while also helping promote focus!

How to Cleanse Onyx Crystals

Whether you’re using it as a feng shui gem for your home or wearing it as jewelry, your black onyx jewel should be cleaned and charged as often as possible. This is particularly important since black onyx is known to mop up negative energies and bad vibes around you. Cleansing the stone regularly will help get rid of all of these negative energies that may be deadweight to the rock.

Cleansing black onyx crystals is simple. One easy way to do this is to smudge the rock using a sage stick. The rock can also be cleansed with sunlight. Leaving black onyx in sunlight or moonlight for 6 to 12 hours can help refresh the rock’s energy.

Black Onyx spiritual meaning

In ancient legends, black Onyx was thought to have a demon locked inside it which would awaken at night to spread disharmony and discord between friends and lovers. This is perhaps the origins of the myth that black onyx is evil. However, contrary to this belief, black onyx is believed to do quite the opposite. The rock’s protective property is quite renowned.

Not only is black onyx a protective rock. It is also believed to give strength and protection to its wearers. It can also be used for mediation, Feng shui, and other metaphysical art. The healing property of the rock makes it valuable for healing physical trauma, diseases, and old emotional injuries among other benefits. The dark color of the rock is believed to be the major reason why it is so effective for getting rid of negative energy. It is said that the crystal gets darker the more it absorbs negativity.

Is the Onyx suitable for Empaths?

The black onyx stone is said to ward off negative energy and help anxious feelings. This would be a good magnet for empaths, who often feel their emotions intensely while also having an sensitive nature that can lead them into problems with self-confidence at times.

What Does Black Onyx Symbolize?

Although black onyx is typically associated with protection, it has several negative symbolism in many cultures. It may sometimes be associated with bad luck and sadness. Many also believe that owning the rock may drain your energy and result in bad dreams or even misfortune.

The good news is: Black onyx is said to help enhance visions and dreams, as well protect against nightmares. It should be noted that this stone also helps you sleep better at night by preventing bad associations with the dark!

How strong is the Black Onyx?

Many beginners report a feeling of "heavyness" after using the black onyx for the first time, particularly in the throat and heart areas. For those who are new to crystal healing, the onyx might be a bit too hard. There are more gentler stones like green Aventurine or black tourmaline that you can start with instead!

Black Onyx As A Birthstone

Black Onyx crystals are often associated with the Leo zodiac sign. Leos are known to be hot-headed with several other strong character traits. Leos exude charm and confidence and using this rock can help a Leo balance out his/her insecurities once and for all.


So if you are on the lookout for a talisman to help you find a new path in life, or seeking something that can transform your current situation, black onyx may be just what you need. If you want to learn more about other crystals that have strong healing properties, be sure to check out our other articles.