Everything you need to know about Red Aventurine in 2022

Everything you need to know about Red Aventurine in 2022
Red Aventurine Crystal, Source: Etsy

Red Aventurine is a type of Quartz crystal. As the name implies, the rock has a bright red color with shimmering or glistening effects caused by the inclusion of Mica or any other similar minerals in the crystal.

Red aventurine is a great stone for those who suffer from headaches, eye strain or insomnia. It's powerful red color helps to stimulate and energize the body, while its soothing energy can help to ease tension and promote relaxation. When placed on the forehead or under the pillow, red aventurine can help to relieve headaches and encourage a restful night's sleep. It's also a lovely stone for the eyes, helping to reduce redness and fatigue.

Whether you desire this rock for its remarkable appearance or you want it for the metaphysical properties, here are a few things to know about red aventurine.

What is Red Aventurine?

Red Aventurine is a crystal with a Silica oxide (quartz) base and the inclusion of impurities that gives it its characteristic red color. The inclusions don’t color the crystal. Rather, they appear suspended within the crystal-like tiny little sparkles that give the rock a warm glossy appearance. The impurities in red aventurine are usually goethite or hematite. Other varieties of aventurine include orange, gray, or orange aventurine all caused by different types of impurities in the rock.

Is Red Aventurine The Same As Strawberry Quartz?

Yes, it is the same. Red aventurine is known by many names and strawberry quartz is one of them. This is usually about the crimson red color of the mineral caused by the oxidized iron inclusions in the rock. The crystal has an enchanting look and is also believed to have various energetic properties.

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Strawberry Quartz. Source: Etsy shop

How to Use Red Aventurine for the Best Results

Red Aventurine is known to have energetic properties and can provide a boost of energy when you need it. The energy of the gem is also believed to fuel creativity and willpower. One of the best ways to wear this jewelry and enjoy its energy is to wear it close to your body as jewellery for long periods. In its tumbled form, the rock can also be used as a comforter. If you’re trying to use this gemstone for its healing properties, you can lay it directly on the affected area of your body to help you recover faster.

The Best Combination to Use with Red Aventurine

Red aventurine is a solar plexus chakra stone. Naturally, it should be paired with other solar plexus chakra stones for the best effects. Some of the stones that go really well with red aventurine for different purposes include Zincite, Yellow Apatite, Heliodor, and Golden Yellow Labradorite.

Red Aventurine uses

Red Aventurine has several possible applications. The rock is known to have metaphysical properties and is usually used for that purpose. Red Aventurine is also quite attractive and it can be used for different types of Jewelry. It can also be used as a decorative stone in buildings and for landscaping purposes.

Where can Red Aventurine be found?

Being a type of quartz, red aventurine is not a rare rock. It is available in abundant qualities in various locations all over the world. Some of the most notable deposits of this type of aventurine crystal include India, Russia, Nepal, France, South Africa, Brazil, Italy, and Tibet.

Red Aventurine Jewellery

One of the best ways to make use of your red aventurine crystals is to wear them as Jewelry. This rock can be used in rings, bracelets, pendants, and pretty much any type of jewelry you want. Like most gemstones, having the rock close to your skin can help you enjoy its benefits even more as the positive vibration is sent throughout your body faster without hindrance.

Combining red aventurine with other stones may also help improve its powers. One of the rocks that can improve the healing powers of red aventurine is Malachite. Other stones like this include  Jade, Pyrite, Hematite, Goldstone, Goethite, and Fuchsite among others.

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Red Aventurine bracelet. Source: 

Red Aventurine Metaphysical Qualities

Red Aventurine is a stone famous for several metaphysical properties. It is often referred to as a stone of vitality and renewal. This gem can also help create confidence and can be used to speed up recovery from various illnesses or injuries.

Because of its association with creative energy, red aventurine can help you find creative  inspiration whenever you need it, especially when you feel burned out or blocked. Having a red aventurine nearby can give you the creativity required to continuously churn out new ideas.

Red Aventurine also has protective properties. It is believed that this rock can protect your home and property against theft, fire, and other hazards. It can also protect you against accidents when you traffic

Red aventurine gems can be placed around the home, worn as jewelry, or even made into an elixir for ablution or drinking by soaking the gem in water overnight.

How to Cleanse Your Aventurine Gemstone

Since red aventurine is considered a healing or energy crystal, it needs to be cleansed and recharged as often as possible. Keeping your red aventurine gemstone clean is easy. It is a quartz crystal which means it is quite hard and inert. You can wash it with warm soapy water and rinse it under running water before drying it off with a soft cloth. This allows you to wash off any toxic energy that the stone has picked up during use. Charging your red aventurine is also easy. For this rock, you can easily cleanse it by passing it over the flames of a red candle for a renewed burst of energy.

Can Red Aventurine Go In Water?

Since red aventurine is so hard and durable, you don’t have to bother about the rock getting damaged in water. Red aventurine and other varieties of the rock can safely go into water without getting damaged or discolored. However, you should still avoid leaving your gemstones in water for too long as this could cause damage. Also, avoid using mineralized water on your stone to keep it from getting damaged as well.

How To Tell If Aventurine Is Real?

While aventurine is a fairly common gemstone, there are many fake replicas out there. The best way to determine if the rock you have is red aventurine is to check the distribution of the colors in the stone. Red aventurine is not a solid color red. Instead, the colored inclusions form little sparkles distributed at various depths in the rock. Therefore, if the rock has even or overly saturated colors, then the red aventurine is most likely not the real thing. Real aventurine is also known to undergo a phenomenon known as Aventurescence- a phenomenon that makes the stone shimmer when light shines on it. The shade of red color can vary from dark deep red to a lighter shade.

How Much Is Red Aventurine Worth?

Red aventurine is not an expensive gem. But that’s not to say it is cheap as well. The exact cost varies depending on the size, cut, quality and color of the gemstone. Generally, red aventurine sells for anything between $3-$30 per carat. The exact price depends on the quality of the rock among other factors.

Where can I buy Red Aventurine from?

If you're looking for red aventurine, your best bet is to check out Etsy.com. You'll find a wide variety of reputable sellers offering red aventurine crystals at a reasonable price. Plus, you can be sure that you're getting a high-quality product since Etsy requires all sellers to offer a returns policy. So take a look and see what red aventurine crystals are available today!

Red Aventurine stones. Source: Etsy


Red Aventurine is a powerful stone that can help to stimulate self-awareness and self-realization. If you are on a path of enlightenment or meditation, this stone can help to facilitate deep connections with your divine self. Red Aventurine is also associated with passion, determination, and power. If you want to get in touch with your life force (prana), this stone can help to awaken you from the core of your being.