Golden Sheen Obsidian: A Timeless Choice for Jewellery and More

Golden Sheen Obsidian: A Timeless Choice for Jewellery and More
Golden Sheen Obsidian 

If you're a fan of unique and visually stunning rocks, you may be familiar with Golden Sheen Obsidian. This type of obsidian is created when flowing lava rapidly solidifies, trapping air bubbles within the crystals.

Its golden sheen is what gives it its name and makes it so eye-catching. For centuries, Golden Sheen Obsidian has been used for a variety of purposes such as jewelry, carvings, weapons, and more. Not only is it visually appealing, it's also relatively easy to care for. In this article, we'll share some interesting facts about Golden Sheen Obsidian.

Golden Sheen Obsidian History

The use of obsidian for jewelry and various other uses has been well documented throughout history. From ancient civilizations in Ethiopia and India to modern day coastal cities in Italy and Spain, this dark, transparent stone has been utilized for everything from jewelry and carvings to weapons and other tools. In fact, one of the earliest written accounts of obsidian can be found in the writings of Pliny the Elder, who described the rock as being found in various locations around the world and commonly used for decorative purposes.

What Causes The Golden Sheen In Obsidian?

The Golden Sheen Obsidian is a type of obsidian that has captured the attention of people for centuries due to its unique appearance.

There are even myths and legends surrounding the origins of its golden sheen, such as a story from Mexico that claims it came from the tears of a heartbroken woman. In reality, obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that is formed through the rapid cooling of high-silica lava.

Golden Sheen Obsidian Metaphysical Properties

Golden sheen obsidian is highly valued in the world of metaphysics for its scrying properties. Its reflective golden sheen is believed to be a powerful medium through which visions and messages can be received. In addition to its scrying capabilities, golden sheen obsidian is also renowned for its ability to balance energy fields and release the ego.

Scrying is a divination technique that involves looking into a reflective surface, such as a crystal ball or a mirror, in order to gain insights or receive messages from the spiritual realm. It is a form of clairvoyance, or the ability to see things that are not visible to the physical senses.

This beautiful crystal is often used in self-reflection and meditation, as it has the ability to mirror internal growth and self-understanding. While the stone itself does not possess any energy-giving properties, it is thought to help those seeking healing to identify areas of their life that need attention.

Proper Care of Golden Sheen Obsidian Jewelry

As a naturally occurring volcanic rock, obsidian is fairly easy to care for, but it is important to handle it with care due to its mid-range hardness and tendency to cleave easily.

Cleaning golden sheen obsidian is simple, as the rock is not porous and can be wiped down with a soft cotton cloth and soapy water. It is also important to store obsidian jewelry carefully, as rough edges and sharp cuts may chip or break if handled improperly. To ensure the longevity of your golden sheen obsidian pieces, store them separately in a padded bag or box to prevent damage.

Combining Golden Sheen Obsidian  with other Jewelry Pieces

To best showcase the beauty of Golden Sheen Obsidian, it is recommended to use the stone in the form of flat beads or large cabochons. When pairing with other jewelry, it is best to choose subtle color combinations to avoid overwhelming the delicate golden hue.

It is important to keep in mind that obsidian can be prone to chipping and should be handled with care, especially in the case of pieces with sharp cuts and rough edges.

While the stone can be worn in a variety of sizes, it is not recommended for use in pieces of jewelry that may be subject to impacts, such as rings, bracelets, or anklets. It is best to remove your Golden Sheen Obsidian jewelry if you will be engaging in any physical activity.

How Much Does Golden Sheen Obsidian Cost?

Prices for golden sheen obsidian range from $10 to $20 for a polished and shaped stone, depending on the size and quality of the piece. It is important to handle and store this gemstone with care, as it can cleave easily and should not be worn in pieces of jewelry that may be subject to impacts, such as rings or bracelets. Overall, golden sheen obsidian is a valuable and sought-after gemstone that offers a range of benefits and uses.

Golden Sheen Obsidian Price

How To Tell If Golden Sheen Obsidian Is Real?

There are a few ways to determine if a golden sheen obsidian is real. A professional gemologist will be able to differentiate between genuine obsidian and similar looking gemstones under a microscope.

However, for the average person, there are a few characteristics to look for. A real obsidian should have a glossy, shiny appearance and a smooth texture. It is also translucent, so holding it up to a light source can help identify its authenticity.

Additionally, it is important to consider the price; raw, unprocessed obsidian typically costs between $10 and $20, so if you come across a golden sheen obsidian for a significantly lower price, it may be a fake.