Ultimate guide to Black Obsidian Healing Crystals

The obsidian has beautifully positive vibes. Therefore it is a necessary imperative that we are with it at all times. It can be worn as a jewel gemstone on our wrists, hands, or neck.

Ultimate guide to Black Obsidian Healing Crystals
Black Obsidian

Have you ever walked into a crystal shop and been overwhelmed by all the options? It's easy to get sucked into the world of healing crystals and start buying them left and right without knowing what each one does. In this post, we'll focus on black obsidian: what it is, what it's used for, and how you can start using it in your own life. Stay tuned!

Black Obsidian Healing Properties

Obsidian is a remarkable stone that has been around since the beginning of time. It used to be called the God of stone in Mexico, and in its heyday, the worth surpassed gold. Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that forms after lava is cooled and the volcano is inactive. It was named after the Roman Obsius who first discovered it in Europe. Obsidian comes in many forms - gold, pink, mahogany, rainbow, and snowflake. The black obsidian is however the most natural form and it is advantageous in so many ways. Here is everything to know about the black obsidian and its highly beneficial healing properties.

What's The History of The Obsidian?

The history is chiefly traced back to the Mayans and Aztecs. The Mayans were quite adept at physics, astrology, and the sciences in spite of being limited in terms of exposure. The obsidian formed a profound part of their civilization because there was an enormous deposit of it in the land. The Mayan merchants traded the obsidian as far back as 100 BC. Besides trading, it was used to make homeware tools, arrowheads, weapons, and all kinds of cutting tools. But obsidian has mostly always been valued for its metaphysical powers.

Sages and healing practitioners always turned to the obsidian to take them to higher consciousness. Native Americans and ancient Greeks used obsidian for weaponry, tools, and implements. The sharpest stone artifacts were carved using obsidian.

How Expensive is The Black Obsidian?

The black obsidian comes in various sizes, shapes, cuts, and carats. The prices are very much dependent upon these factors. A lot of them cost hundreds of dollars and even more. It isn't the most precious gemstone out there but it's more precious than some. Price factors depend on shape, size, carat, cut, and color. Some are ridiculously cheap and others, insanely expensive.

Black Obsidian

What Is The Black Obsidian Good For?

  1. Sharpness: The black obsidian is so sharp that it is still used for the creation of surgical tools even in contemporary times. It is believed that its sharp edges are symbolic of a piercing of darkness to reveal the white truth. Its polished surface resembles a mirror that can see the future with startling clarity.
  2. Healing: It also possesses incredibly rich healing qualities that have made it invaluable over the ages. Physically it promotes deep circulation in the body, encourages deep tissue healing, and can aid digestive issues. Mentally and emotionally, obsidian works to ensure that you aren't dragged into the darkest deepest recesses of despair. It is also a stone that doesn't let you dwell in falsehood, but lets you see the true reflection of things and yourself until you don't feel vulnerable anymore.
  3. Boosts your Chakra: Metaphysically, obsidian powers up and strengthen your root chakra. Our root chakra must not be blocked, or else we will feel vulnerable and unstable, and consistently in fear of danger. Obsidian channels its energies straight to the root chakra and frees it up so we can thrive better.
  4. It has also always been believed that the black obsidian's mirror-like qualities have the ability to peer into other realms. It could also be a guiding light unto cosmic consciousness. The black obsidian can also form a strong connection with the solar plexus chakra. This is the third chakra within our bodies, and it is associated with where our peace, self-esteem, and self-worth emanate from. When it is distorted, there is a tendency to feel shy within one's skin or not feel good enough. The obsidian helps us to see our true inner reflection and regain our lost sense of self-worth.

Can The Black Obsidian Go In The Sun?

Yes, it can for two reasons. It is a volcanic glass rock, and its crystallized dark color will never fade in the sun.

Black Obsidian

Where Can You Put The Black Obsidian?

The obsidian has beautifully positive vibes. Therefore it is a necessary imperative that we are with it at all times. It can be worn as a jewel gemstone on our wrists, hands, or neck. Putting the gemstone straight on your skin means you'll radiate with lots of positive energy and the stone can easily sink its healing properties into the remotest parts of your soul and spirit, without being stopped by your clothes. Having this effective gemstone on you at all times is a surefire way to ensure you fully tap and partake of all its advantages at every point in time.

The obsidian stone can also be kept outside the home and office. The main entrance is perhaps the most perfect place to put it, as this is where people, opportunities, and all kinds of energies come into. It will purify at all times and ensure you don't have to deal with negative vibes.

Where Can You Find Black Obsidian?

Practically around the globe. It isn't specifically centered in one place. However, it is mostly in abundance in those places where volcanic eruptions have been frequent. Therefore the most popular mining places for the black obsidian include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Chile, Canada, Georgia, Guatemala, Greece, El Salvador, Iceland, Peru, Japan, Kenya, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, New Mexico, Scotland, Turkey, and the US.

Fun Fact: Obsidian was mined 9,000 years ago in Ancient town of  Çatalhöyük

Çatalhöyük was a town occupied 9,000 years ago in present day Turkey. It was home to up to 8,000 people who are thought to have been some of the first farmers in the world.

In this ancient town, the Obsidian glass was used to make a variety of cutting tools and weapon points. It was also the most commonly used raw material for making chipped stone artefacts.  

While these tools may seem primitive and crude to us, the edge of an obsidian blade is actually sharper than a modern medical scalpel. This is because unlike stone, glass is made of pure silica instead of various mineral grains.

What Does The Black Obsidian Do?

Healing with the black obsidian can look like fulfillment, manifestation, and transformation. It can block all psychic attacks and absorb evil and negativities. It is a clarifying stone that draws out all kinds of tension and stress. It inspires exploration of the unknown and broadens previously unknown horizons. It destroys traumas and promotes admirable traits like compassion and strength. Physically, obsidian is capable of aiding digestion and detoxifying the body of toxicity. It reduces joint pains, cramps, and arthritis just to mention a few. Many view it as a "bodyguard to the soul", and a psychic vacuum cleaner. It is also a great protector against fear, addiction, and anxiety.

Is The Black Obsidian Rare?

Yes, purely black obsidian can be quite rare. This is because in the formation process, oftentimes, the rocks will give inclusions that project reddish, brown, or yellow coloring. The black color of obsidian is mainly due to the large presence of iron and magnesium. Black Obsidian should be totally opaque, with a lovely crystal shine and vitreous glassy luster.

Black Obsidian

How Do I Care For My Black Obsidian?

Obsidian is rated about 5-6 on the hardness scale, as opposed to the sardonyx and other gemstones. Therefore great care must be taken with it since it is regarded as a soft stone. Besides, obsidian is glass therefore it can be easily broken, cracked, or chipped off. Firstly it is important to store it separately so that other gemstones don't scratch the surface, nor does it pierce softer objects with their sharp edges. Do not use a metal brush to clean it as this can scratch the surface of the gemstone. Stick with a soft cloth/brush and hot water.

How Can I Choose A Good Obsidian?

This factor is mostly dependent upon preference. The gemstone has several distinctive sizes. As a jewelry piece, choosing the best depends on weight, size, shape, carat, cut, and how polished or refractive you wish.

What Zodiac sign benefits from Black Obsidian

The Obsidian stone is a powerful tool for getting rid of mental blocks and negative energy. This makes it an ideal component in any Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn's horoscope.

So if your Zodiac sign is mentinoed above, then this dark, rich color of this black stone brings out the best in you. It helps to ground and protect your aura while encouraging letting go from negativity that may be holding on too tightly within ourselves. It also cleanses any healing energy brought about through past experiences or traumatic events.

Are Obsidian Knives Sharper than Steel?

Obsidians are volcanic glass that can be shaped into thin, delicate blades sharper than steel. That part is indeed true, but it is also very fragile and brittle.  

The Obsidian glass has a hardness of only 5.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (yes this exists) which ranks about the same as window glass. It works perfect on soft materials like meat or a piece of cloth, but if you use it on any hard materials like steel it will begin to fracture very quickly.

For these reasons, obsidian blades cannot be very big or strong, however, they can still be useful for tasks that require a sharp, delicate edge.

Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to produce Obsidian based shaving blades.. I wonder if that already exists?


Conclusively, the black obsidian is a multidimensional stone that has persevered through the ages. A timeless precious creation with some of the biggest holistic benefits known to mankind. It is perfectly balanced in the spiritual, physical, and mental/emotional stratospheres. Beyond these benefits, it can be used as a statement stylish jewelry piece.

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